Locally owned & operated for over 30 years!

About Us

Gainesville Ice is owned and operated by Rick and Nancy Bunch. This company prides itself on a friendly atmosphere in the workplace producing not only satisfied workers but, in turn, satisfied customers such as Ben Hill Griffin Stadium and countless others.

In 1980 fresh out of high school Rick had the opportunity to buy into a franchise with Atlantic Ice and he took it. The company then distributed 284 tons of ice per year but had no production of their own, it was purely a buy and resell venture. In 1986 Atlantic Ice went chapter 11 and offered Rick the chance to buy the territory he had been servicing and again, Rick took the opportunity. At this time Rick bought his own manufacturing equipment and began to produce what he was delivering, which gave him greater control over price and quality. Over the years and through several acquisitions, what started out in 1980 with a distribution of 284 tons per year has now grown 21 years later into 12 million tons per year of manufactured and distributed ice, . Gainesville Ice is now one of Florida’s premier ice manufacturers and distributors in the North Central Florida area.


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